Alaska is a beautiful state. I was limited in what I saw, since it's so huge, I stayed within a couple hundred miles from Anchorage. One of the greatest views is of the mountains flying in - make sure you get a window seat when you go! And like other awe-inspiring sites - like Yosemite and the Grand Canyon - most of the scenery is too impressive to capture with a standard camera, if it can be caught at all!


On the way, we saw these 2 young moose. In the park, we also saw squirrel (an entire arctic squirrel contains 2000 calories - keep that in mind should you ever get lost up there), caribou, Dall's sheep, ptarmigan, and a bear with a cub. I also learned that caribou and reindeer are the same animal, except reindeer are tame (and, of course, they can fly.)